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released August 12, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Tyler Denslow.

Photos by Lloyd Anderson.



all rights reserved


NOTHING LEFT Pensacola, Florida

Chris, Josh, Kevin, Mac

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Track Name: Recreant
Turn your cheek away another fucking time
You don’t want to deal with the problems
Instead you close your eyes
Recreant is what comes to mind
Avoiding the truth to be just one of the guys

You're so apathetic and so selfish
Full of misogynistic misconceptions

Even though you preach it’s wrong
So when you ask for help
I’ll watch you drown
Track Name: Bounded
They said that
Times have changed for the worse
When the fuck did that take course
“Back then it was different
Kids these days, they’re so sensitive”
We’re aware of your prejudice
Your social precincts
We’re sick of it
We won't stand for your ignorance

I wont be bounded by traditions
I won’t be bounded by your convictions

How it was growing up
Being told "you gotta be tough"
Follow the norm or you're fucked
"One day you'll understand
When you finally become a man"
Fuck your masculinity
Fuck what you expect from me

Break away
Away from their opinions
Bounded by the standards of their conservative conventions
Challenge their masculinity
Show them what it really means to be
A human being with humility
Grown ass men afraid to show some feelings
We won’t be bounded by traditions
Track Name: Grey Area
You're fucking lying again
Piece of shit
How can u call me a friend?
"Social outcast"
Because you don't fit in
So tell me
What's the difference
Between you and them
Change out the bands with their brands
So tell me
Where the fuck do you stand

I see you going around
Jumping from side to side
Whatever benefits you
When the time is right
Your neutrality doesn't mean a thing
A silent betrayal is what it really means

Where do you draw the line
When your friends act just like
The ones who you claim to despise
When will you choose a side?

When the time comes
Who will it be?
Will you turn your back and desert me?
Thought we were such good friends
But you're still on that fence
Fence walker
No time for you
Fence walker
Which side will you choose
Fence walker
Just cut me loose
Track Name: Label
Time is up
Enough of your excuses
Claiming your words are anything but abusive
Shove your beliefs down their throats
Using jokes as a scapegoat

Abstaining from the poisons of life
So tell me when was the last time
That someone benefitted from your lies
Excluding those who are different
Makes you look so goddamn selfish
I don't care about the shit you spit

To make up for all of the shit that you said
Own up to what you fucking did
You’re a spineless motherfucker
No respect for another

I’ve had enough hearing how you grew up
Preaching on and on
About how you’re so much better than everyone
Your man-made gods don't mean shit

I've had enough
Fuck your "love"
Track Name: Listen
Everyday they sit and complain
About shit they don't understand
Refusing to learn
And resorting to hate
And then that hate turns to rage
Refusing to share
They're all scared
They don't care
They refuse to hear
They succumb to their fear

How many lives will it take
For you to stop your hate
Because of someone's race
Because of someone's faith
We have to escape their hate
We're sick of being abused
Being misused
Quit manipulating our views

Your silence is feeding the fire
Are you even mad?
Aren't you tired?
We have to fight
We will not die

So we fight for each other
Let the voices of the oppressed be heard from all over
So we fight for tomorrow
For many there won't be another